Head Chef

“Growing up in Latina, (70km South-East of Rome) I had a traditional upbringing and a family passionate about food – Passionate about it’s creation, Passionate about it’s enjoyment, Passionate about sharing ideas. Cooking always figured very highly, with recipes handed down from generation to generation.

From a very early age I had already decided that cookery was the career path for me. Food was and is my passion, so it made perfect sense. After graduating from the Cookery School - Regione Lazio, I spent 20 years working in the kitchens of Italy, France and Germany, before moving to and settling in Scozia – my home now. During those 20 years abroad, I developed my skills and techniques from other Chefs. The diverse cultures and expectations provided me with so much insight, motivation and stimulation.

But, always underlying my thoughts were the strong influences of my family roots. I remembered how every meal was enriched, not only through the food served, but also in the ambience and well - being good company brings. I remembered how an evening meal meant a family gathering and a catch up with close friends. My philosophy has always been, that in order to really savour a meal, it should be tempting and tastefully presented, using only the very best of fresh authentic ingredients, it should be surrounded by those special in your life and drawn together in a relaxing intimate setting.

To all the loyal friends who have dined where I have worked before, I say thank you. Thank you for supporting my passion and my dream. To all new friends, I look forward to meeting you and to say,”

“Welcome to Incontri”.